Do you still remember one of national songs called ‘Pemilihan Umum’? It sounds this way: Pemilihan umum telah memanggil kita… seluruh rakyat menyambut gembira, hak Demokrasi Pancasila…. That song is about general election. It describes how glad the people welcoming the general election. General election is one of the democratic country characteristics. Indonesia organizes the general election in every five year, and the 2014 general election is the 12th since the first which is held in the Burhanudin Harahap’s Cabinet era. The 2014 general election will vote president and vice president, political parties, and members of Parliament.

As far, the General Election Board (KPU) still accomplish the verification for the parliaments’ candidate from each of political parties. Some of the candidates have been announced on January 2013. The General Election Board also has announced 10 political parties which are able to join the 2014 general election.

For the pair of president and vice president, based on the result of some survey organizations, there are several names which become the favorite. The name like Jusuf Kalla, Mahfud MD, Dahlan Iskan, Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, and Hatta Radjasa were considered as the vice presidents’ figure which are able to give significant influence for the conquest of the pair. Meanwhile, name Joko Widodo get the highest support as the president candidate for the election. The amount of his supporters is even higher than the names like Megawati Soekarno Putri, Aburizal Bakri, and Prabowo Subianto. Actually, it is not important who ever the candidate. The most important thing is they can create a change for Indonesia. They can advance the people prosperity, education, economy, and all aspects of life.

The point of every election is the voters. The General Election Board has published the temporary Fixed Voters List (DPT). The problem comes from the process. Many citizens are not listed yet. Let me explain you first, the regulation explains that the list is based on the electronic identity card (e-KTP). So, everyone must have the e-KTP to be listed in the DPT, whereas, e-KTP is not distributed appropriately yet. The society lived in the remote area for example; they do not receive the e-KTP yet, even make it.

To conclude, those are some phenomena happen headed for the 2014 general election. It becomes our problems too, besides the government. Let’s hope that it will run well next year, and don’t forget to give your voice at the election. Don’t be abstaining! Because of what? Because your voice will decide the fate of Indonesia five years later, so let’s vote.

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