Urban and Rural Society

The people that construct the togetherness life have manufactured the cultural set consisted of seven unsure that are language, religion, art, knowledge, technology, occupation, and social organization system. Those cultures will affect the individual personality, especially the new generation accumulatively and comprehensively so that in their growing process, these new generation is formed by the people directly. On the other hand, the culture is influenced by the society through the socializations. There are some basic differences distinguished the urban and rural society.

Rural society life is still strong by the mutual assistance in doing every single activity, either individual or particular activity. This culture will influence and construct the rural with the high-solidarity, sacrifice-willing, thoughtful through the social problem, as well respect the high-togetherness amongst others. Also in the rural society there are such a culture following their forefathers’ customs and rituals. This sort of culture causes the rural people to have plain and honest personality, religious, magic, and obedient to the social norms. They feel taboo on doing things opposite towards the norms.

On the other hands the urban society which are more complex and more progressive, have different characteristics from the rural. The urban have a morals system which gives award towards the human’s dignity is no more based on their behavior, but according to their ability, achievement as well as riches. This system will affect their personality; time-esteem, high-progress, and lack of togetherness-esteem. Besides, in the urban society there is a high life competition, it means that the rigorous rivalry can influence the urbanites’ personality which is restricted, individualistic, and brave to violate norms.

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that the individual personality is influenced by the culture within the society. Indeed, the cultural structure will not be absorbed entirely and accepted by a person, but at least there are some orientated certain values and they will be a basis to determine attitude of behaving so that created specific attitude called personality.

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