Memperkenalkan diri merupakan salah satu hal penting dalam aktivitas berbicara, terutama memperkenalkan diri dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. Cara memperkenalkan diri haruslah teratur sehingga tidak terjadi chaos-speaking. Berikut salah satu bentuk susunan yang recommended; 20071103_protocol_of_introductions_professional_etiquette
1. Thanking, e.g thank you for giving me chance to introduce myself.
2. Stating your intention/goals, e.g I’d like to introduce myself to you guys.
3. Elements, stuffs that others need to know about you.
a. Name/nick name
b. Birthday
c. Nation/tribe
d. Status
e. Educational background
f. Majoring at what
4. Thanking and hope to get to know better or to get closer, e.g thank you for listening me and hope we can get to know each other better.
Kalian juga bisa menambahkan hal-hal lain dalam elements-nya, karena disini penulis hanya mencantumkan hal-hal yang umum saja. dan berikut adalah contoh teksnya.
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Do you still remember one of national songs called ‘Pemilihan Umum’? It sounds this way: Pemilihan umum telah memanggil kita… seluruh rakyat menyambut gembira, hak Demokrasi Pancasila…. That song is about general election. It describes how glad the people welcoming the general election. General election is one of the democratic country characteristics. Indonesia organizes the general election in every five year, and the 2014 general election is the 12th since the first which is held in the Burhanudin Harahap’s Cabinet era. The 2014 general election will vote president and vice president, political parties, and members of Parliament.

As far, the General Election Board (KPU) still accomplish the verification for the parliaments’ candidate from each of political parties. Some of the candidates have been announced on January 2013. Continue reading


In the recent 21st century it seems like that many things has changed in the world. Begin with the land, the atmosphere, the people, even the weather. Nowadays, the weather becomes extreme and unpredictable. Why it is called extreme will be explained in the following paragraph.
In the last few years, the world didn’t such a hell like now. The climate turned orderly, the weather run well. The world is getting smaller day by day because of the human. Human being need a place to live, while, the world never get bigger, so they tried everything in order to dwell in. They cut down the trees in the forests and opened up new fields to build a resident. Therefore, the jungle is free from any tree, it causes the photosynthetic gets stopped. After that, the sunlight no longer be absorbed by the plants rather than reflected to the atmosphere and results the hotter world. Another factor caused the extreme weather is the global warming. There are a number of reasons that global warming causes the extreme weather. First, it leads the changing of earth’s temperature. Second, it makes the ozone layer get thinner, directly or not.
The extreme weather obviously changes every single live in the earth. For instance, the big disaster happened in some countries because of the drought. Whereas, in another country occurs flood, mud slide, hurricane, and heavy rainfall. Continue reading

Life is Like Riding a Bike

Every human being must desire a perfect life. Everyone would try the best to get the purpose. But actually there is no perfection in this whole world. Perfection will always belong to the God. All that we need is the balance life. What does it mean? It means this way.
I quoted a statement that ‘Life is like riding a bike’. It is well-known that riding a bike requires a balance. Moreover, riding a bike, in my opinion, is the proper reflection of a real life. To be expert riding this kind of vehicle, you need something like special rehearsal. Continue reading