It just can be counted that the general election will be coming in less than a month. There, the people of Indonesia will be able to elect their representatives. It seems that almost the entire participant has been ready welcoming that five years agenda. The General Election Board (KPU), people living in urban as well as rural society, and and the candidates, of course. Now how about us? It is such a trend that many people of Indonesia like to be abstainers.
In fact, the number of abstain in 2009 reach until 39%. That was the highest number for the last ten years. How about the fake of this year’s election? Will it break the record in the 2009? It absolutely depends on the people as the voters.
Deep in my mind I used to wonder why people chose to abstain. Basically, there are a number of reasons people chose to abstain. From the technical reasons like the in accurate voters’ list until the people’s incredulity upon the prospective representatives they will elect. Continue reading


Do you still remember one of national songs called ‘Pemilihan Umum’? It sounds this way: Pemilihan umum telah memanggil kita… seluruh rakyat menyambut gembira, hak Demokrasi Pancasila…. That song is about general election. It describes how glad the people welcoming the general election. General election is one of the democratic country characteristics. Indonesia organizes the general election in every five year, and the 2014 general election is the 12th since the first which is held in the Burhanudin Harahap’s Cabinet era. The 2014 general election will vote president and vice president, political parties, and members of Parliament.

As far, the General Election Board (KPU) still accomplish the verification for the parliaments’ candidate from each of political parties. Some of the candidates have been announced on January 2013. Continue reading